It all begins with proper design.

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Every DetaIl Matters In
Securing Your Safety

From property managers to business owners, Fire Safety First works alongside clients to accurately evaluate and design fire protection systems. Our team of fire protection designers is well qualified to evaluate your property and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the fire protection systems and on-premises equipment required in your space to keep you up to fire code standards.

For over 40 years we have served the Southern California region as a full-service fire protection contractor with experience across a wide range of facilities. Allow our teams of fire protection designers, installers, and service technicians to walk you through the process from start to finish.


Occupant safety, asset protection, and code compliance are ingrained into Fire Safety First. We help you evaluate the needs of your property and provide a detailed solution to overcoming the unique challenges and characteristics of your operations. Our fire protection design and installation team can then help you perform the necessary modifications, upgrades, or retrofitting required.

Fire Sprinkler System Design

The design of your fire sprinkler system is where the process of securing your facility begins. We immerse ourselves in every project we’re a part of using CAD technology to provide coordinated design procedures.

Fire Alarm System Design

Designing fire alarm systems is a complex process that requires an understanding of occupancy requirements, voltage requirements, NFPA mandates, and many other factors unique to your project. Our designers create plans that offer maximum protection at cost-effective rates.

Dedicated Project Managers

A dedicated project manager is assigned to every project we handle. Fire Safety First creates strict project management guidelines to assure every project is met on budget, on time, and to the required specification of our clients.

Fire Protection Property Evaluation

We understand that every client’s property has unique aspects for their specific business needs. Those aspects may provide obstacles to how your fire protection systems operate in an emergency. We evaluate your space and provide the necessary information you need to protect your property.

Accurate Reports

Fire Safety First aims to provide clients with thorough reports of the work we perform on their systems. We will provide you with accurate documentation on what we’ve installed, inspected, or repaired to provide you with full transparency.

Fire Safety First Offers

40+ Years of Service

Our 4 decades in the fire protection industry have prepared us to tackle any project.

Experienced Fire Technicians

Experienced fire protection professionals are the backbone of our company. We work with the best to do our best.

24/7 Support

Emergencies can happen at any moment, feel secure knowing we’ve got you covered.

Let's begin protecting your property.

We’re here to meet your fire protection needs. Our Fire Safety First specialists are ready to answer your questions. Fill out the form to provide us with information so we can begin helping you.

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