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Fire alarm systems are designed to save lives. They help monitor tamper and water flow switches on fire sprinkler systems or provide urgent notification on when to evacuate buildings. These fire alarm systems can be very sophisticated – they can automatically detect fires, control exhaust fans, notify the fire department, recall elevators, unlock doors, and a whole myriad of other functions.

Fire Safety First technicians can help you design, install, program, test, repair, and monitor your property’s fire alarm system. Providing you with complete protection in just one call. Stay alert, stay protected.

Fire Alarms

Early fire detection can be the difference between losing everything or saving lives, property, and assets from harm. In layman’s terms, fire alarm systems are a network of devices working together to detect smoke, heat, or fire which give proper warning of arising danger in a building or area. Today, fire alarm systems are more than just a manual pull station and flashing strobe lights. Commercial fire alarm systems require custom design, specific alarm equipment, and proper installation to meet business code requirements across a diverse set of industries and fields.

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