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A backflow prevention assembly commonly referred to as a “backflow preventer” keeps water inside a water piping system, making sure it travels in one direction only: from the main water supply all the way to its intended use. Its primary function is to prevent pollutants or contaminants from entering the public water supply when backpressure or back-siphonage occurs.

Residential and commercial backflow prevention assemblies require annual backflow testing to be compliant with Title 17 of the California Code of Regulation. Backflow preventer testing helps keep the main water supply clean for the health and safety of everyone.

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Backflow pREVENTer Assemblies

Maintaining backflow prevention assemblies is critical in providing safe and clean water for everyone. Backflow preventer needs vary depending on the intended purpose they are being used for. Some properties require the installation of more than one backflow prevention assembly while others have very specific installation criteria to ensure an uninterrupted water supply. These assemblies are required to be periodically tested by certified personnel to ensure that the backflow preventers continue to provide the required protection. In cases where a backflow preventer fails minimum testing requirements, a backflow preventer repair is required.

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