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At Fire Safety First, we focus on streamlining fire protection for our clients. Our technicians are professionally experienced in working with fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, backflow preventers, and more to provide you with a comprehensive solution.


We test, inspect, design, and install fire sprinkler systems across various facilities. Whether your project involves a large hospital or warehouse, our team has the expertise to address your needs and can advise you on the fire sprinkler system that is right for you.


Fire alarm systems are a network of devices working together to detect smoke, heat, or fire which give proper warning of arising danger in a building. Fire Safety First technicians can help you design, install, program, test, repair, and monitor your property’s fire alarm system to give you peace of mind.


Fire Safety First began by only servicing and selling fire extinguishers. It’s been a long time since then but our passion for these systems remains unchanged. We provide clients with fire extinguisher inspections, fire extinguisher testing, fire extinguisher recharging, fire extinguisher repairs, and even onsite fire extinguisher training.


A backflow prevention assembly commonly referred to as a “backflow preventer” keeps water inside a water piping system, making sure it travels in one direction only: from the main water supply all the way to its intended use. Its primary function is to prevent pollutants or contaminants from entering the public water supply.

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